About us

The law firm LEGAL ART is the company providing legal services to its clients seeking professional legal services, confidential and direct relation between an advocate
and a client, pleasant environment, relaxed working atmosphere, creating thinking, and progressive approaches to problem solving since 2006.

Our firm is based on providing complex legal services
to one of the most important private equity companies
in Slovakia, and gradually it has worked up to the firm providing legal advisory and representation in the whole range of legal services including civil, commercial, financial, and bankruptcy law, law of business companies, recovery of debts, labor and health law, law of games of chance, transport and logistics, real estate development and brokerage insurance transactions.

The law firm LEGAL ART emphasizes a need of social
and individual dimension of providing legal services; therefore it also respects the area of personality rights
of an individual as such, and within providing the legal services it is engaged in this area, too.